Innovation in Technology , Smart in Business

کسب و کار خود را گسترش دهید

کسب و کار خود را گشترش دهید

Innovation in Technology , Smart in Business

چرا کار در این مجموعه؟

In 1397, our team started working in a dedicated, robust and widespread way in web design and web programming, because of international experiences, experienced, creative and robust team as well as reputable business partners in Iran and abroad, have been able to name the trusted Their customers.

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Kiarash Farghadani

Managing Director

Mohammad Hossein Akhundi

R & D Manager

Amin Abdollahi

Technology Manager

We currently have more than 10 active personnel:)

فرهنگ کاری

Organizational culture refers to beliefs, beliefs and behaviors that determine the interaction of the company’s employees and managers, and manages transactions and other external activities of the Organization. It’s not a long time to have a very good organizational culture such as monthly salary and job accommodations to become an option for employees. In fact, the organizational culture along with the other benefits of jobs was na and predictable.

Organizational culture, a company that does not necessarily result in another organization. But it can be learned from companies that have a proper and appropriate organizational culture, and then proceeded to create an organizational culture of their business. So follow us to take a look at the companies that have a good and interesting organizational culture.

Why Hire

Your Future is waiting for you 

Have a good resume with a programmer!

You will be introduced to foreign organizations in case of immigration.

Stay in the nose and be active!

We are looking for young, creative and eventful people to complete their team.

We believe in teamwork, and we believe that success is possible with a good team.

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